Our Team

We are Your Best Impression.  Every day we work with everything that is related to communicating, speeching and presenting, with full dedication of course.

We work with a network of specialists that make your best impression even better and more complete. Because making Your Best Impression requires work, our work.


Story & Video coach

“I love teaching people and helping them to find the words to be memorable in their pitch, speech or presentation. A story is like a melody, a rhythm and I try to let people see that. When someone becomes able to really bring their message, mission or passion across to their audience, then I am proud and satisfied ”

The best facts:

Age: 36
Used to be: journalist
Loves: playing with words, film & photography, travelling and
Favorite quote:

“Better an ‘oops’, than a ‘what if’”

Team about Iris:

“I love watching the surprised faces of our customers when Iris takes their often unclear stories and transforms it into short and powerful sentences. Like a real journalist, she digs and digs until she finds the essence of someone’s personality. Iris is amazing when it comes to structuring stories and she teaches our speakers how to be captivating from beginning to end. After they have worked with here, they are capable of really inspiring their audience.

Besides an amazing speechwriter, Iris is the stable rock in the company. She makes sure that everything is always perfectly arranged and she brings structure to my sometimes chaotic brain. Without Iris, we would never have been so successful!”

Our specialists

Anneriet Nubé

The voice coach

As a speaker, your most important instrument is your voice. Anneriet helps our speakers to keep this instrument as healthy as possible. From a simple warming up to intensive speech therapy, she will get the most out of your voice in a sustainable way.

Trudy Nabuurs

The wardrobe specialist

What you wear during a presentation has a big impact on the impression you make on your audience. The colours, the shapes and the accessories need to be congruent with the story that you tell. Trudy takes care of this part of your communication