Everyone has a story

In october 2017, I went to to Austria with my father and two brothers. On the one hand, I was really looking forward to this trip together with my brothers, finally we would have some quality time together, but on the other hand the reason for this little holiday was less pleasant. The reason why we made this trip is my grandfather, well actually, it’s my grandfathers’ death.

My grandfather died during the Second World War. He joined the resistance and was betrayed by people who he thought were his friends. Can you imagine that? That people you trust and cherish would lead to your death? Well, it happened to my grandfather. Eventually he was transported to Ebensee in Austria and had to work in a quarry. This big, tall, handsome guy, in the prime of his life, weighed only 30 kilos when he died, five days before the allies set the prisoners free.

I have grown up seeing my fathers’ pain. Seeing what it did to him to grow up without a dad and with a broken mother. Every national Memorial Day we spend together. And we talk about him, Jacob, about the things my father still remembers about him. Even though it’s not much, as he was only three years old when his father was captured.

(It makes me realize every day is.. It shaped.. Inspired me.. )

And there we were,  at the place where my grandfather died, for the first time in my life. I will pass all the graves and, I know, he is in one of those. I will be close to him. Three generations, finally reunited.




How does this story make you feel? Do you feel compassion? Sadness maybe? Or does it make you think about your own family history?


If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to one of these questions, you will make me very happy. Because, if my story touches you, it’s a good story.


You feel these things because I told you a true story, a story I am emotionally attached to. I did my best to open up to you guys and stepped up by sharing something personal.

And that is exactly what we do at Je Beste Indruk. Inspiring and teaching people how to tell their stories with compassion and authenticity. I want to make you realize what it means when you tell a story that you really feel or have experienced. And I want you to realize what you can accomplish with your audience.

Not everyone has a grandfather that died in the Second World War. But everyone has a story that has an impact on their life, a world changing impact sometimes. It explains why they became who they are, why they started a company or that life changing around the world tour. It explains why they believe what they believe and why they make certain choices.

Everyone has a story that needs to be heard. Which story is the one you are going to share?