Speech schrijven, hoe doe je dat?

Herken je dat, dat je als managementassistent of secretaresse wordt geacht alles te kunnen? Ook even een speech of presentatie inelkaar zetten bijvoorbeeld? Om jullie een steuntje in de rug te geven hebben wij wat tips op een rij gezet om binnen no-time een goede en doeltreffende speech neer te zetten. Deze maand te lezen […]

Inside out: Why Margreet does what she does

In this video: Your Best Impressions Inside Out: A little sneak peek behind our scenes. In this edition, Margreet shares a success story of one of her favourite customers. John. Want to find out what happened with John? Watch the video, and tell us what you think! Audio: English Subtitles: Dutch

Is Virtual Reality the future in presenting?

Imagine, for the first time ever, you are going to give a presentation or speech on a really big stage. Hundreds of eyes, focussed on you. This is your moment and you feel the tension rise. Your heart starts beating faster, your hands are getting sweaty and your armpits, well let’s not even talk about […]

Speaking tip: Your breathing under control

In this video: Your breathing under control – speaking tip: Your heart rate goes up, your breathing becomes more shallow and you feel that stone in your stomach or throat. Lots of people have this experience before they go onto a stage or into a boardroom for a presentation. How do you control your breathing? […]

Omdat vrijheid niet vanzelfsprekend is

In deze video: Video storytelling: een tijdje geleden vertelde ik in een video over mijn worsteling met mijn eigen verhaal. Dagelijks schrijf ik verhalen voor anderen, maar als je dat dan opeens over jezelf moet doen, is dat best een uitdaging. Ik was op dat moment ook nog helemaal geen fan van mijzelf op de […]

The gamechanger for your business presentations

In the past years I have had the privilege to train and work with a lot of different professionals on their (business) presentation skills. It is interesting to see that most of them make this one crucial mistake when it comes to presenting. And it is preventing them from being truly memorable and influential in […]

Everyone has a story

In october 2017, I went to to Austria with my father and two brothers. On the one hand, I was really looking forward to this trip together with my brothers, finally we would have some quality time together, but on the other hand the reason for this little holiday was less pleasant. The reason why we […]